About Quality Conveyors

What We Do

Quality Conveyors, LLC specializes in custom, heavy duty, wash down conveyors. We handle jobs big or small and all of our conveyors are built in-house, made to order. Our equipment is built to last in everyday production situations and hold up to everyday wash down and sanitation needs.

Our Goal

Quality Conveyors, LLC’s goal is to provide your company with a high caliber conveyor that will operate effectively and consistently, even under the stress of everyday production and wash down sanitation. We strive to meet your custom needs for production equipment with personalized customer service, so you can efficiently produce your best product.

Conveyor Options

Quality Conveyors, LLC will build conveyors to the needs of our customers. Conveyor lengths start at 2 feet long and with no restrictions on ending length or width. Below is a list of various standards and options available when you order from Quality Conveyors. If an option you would like is not listed below please inquire for further detail.


-Frames made from 2" X 2" X 1/4" Angle and 1" Rod

-Side rails laser cut out of 3/16" stainless steel

-Wash-down grade stainless steel gear box and motors

-1"-5 acme threaded legs, available in padded feet with or without bolt down hole or casters

+/- 5" of adjustment comes standard

-Belting options - any brand or style of belt your desire


-Catch trays underneath the belting (on hinges and clips)
-Product stops
-Transfer plates
-Scraper plates
-Heavy duty laning guides
-Pack Stations
-Cad or solid works computer layouts and designs available
-Equipment installation


 Who We Are


Owner/Vice President

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